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Embracing Financial Freedom

A year ago, saving and investing were seen as complex and distant concepts for young adults. Traditional banking methods didn't cater to their dynamic lifestyles and aspirations. Then came Ottoly, a fintech startup determined to revolutionize how young adults perceive and engage in saving for their future. Ottoly aimed to transform saving from a chore into an effortless and even enjoyable part of daily life but to achieve this, they faced a critical challenge:

How do you craft a brand identity that resonates with young adults, breaking away from traditional financial norms, while still instilling a sense of trust and security essential for financial services?

Ottoly is not just a financial tool; it's a paradigm shift in personal finance management. The brand's vision is to be the leading financial partner for young adults globally, transforming their approach to savings and financial literacy. Ottoly’s platform offers a range of innovative features such as Round-Up Savings, Goal-Based Pots, Micro-Investment Options, and an AI-driven Virtual Financial Advisor. However, to fully engage its target audience of young adults aged 18-30, Ottoly needed a brand identity that was as innovative and dynamic as its services.

We collaborated with the Ottoly team to create a brand identity that exemplifies financial freedom, innovation, and youthfulness. Our approach was to merge the dynamic spirit of the young generation with the reliability and sophistication of financial services.

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